Lagrangian acceleration statistics in a turbulent channel flow


Lagrangian acceleration statistics in a fully developed turbulent channel flow at $\mathit{Re}_\tau = 1440$ are investigated, based on tracer particle tracking in experiments and direct numerical simulations. The evolution with wall distance of the Lagrangian velocity and acceleration time scales is analyzed. Dependency between acceleration components in the near-wall region is described using cross-correlations and joint probability density functions. The strong streamwise coherent vortices typical of wall-bounded turbulent flows are shown to have a significant impact on the dynamics. This results in a strong anisotropy at small scales in the near-wall region that remains present in most of the channel. Such statistical properties may be used as constraints in building advanced Lagrangian stochastic models to predict the dispersion and mixing of chemical components for combustion or environmental studies.

Physical Review Fluids
Juan Ignacio Polanco
Juan Ignacio Polanco
Postdoctoral researcher